5 Common Winter Issues Facing Your Windows

Home maintenance matters. It keeps us more comfortable and safe in our homes, reduces energy costs, prevents the need for more expensive repairs in the future, and helps us protect our home’s value. Drafts and high energy bills often highlight these points during the winter. This post will tell you about common issues to look for in your windows so you can catch them early.


Check your windows for weather stripping or caulk. If yours looks old, worn, or damaged, or you aren’t sure you have any, you should apply a new one. 

Your windows are supposed to keep air out or in when they’re closed. If you feel a breeze coming in around your windows, they need immediate attention.

Windows without adequate weather stripping make it harder for you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and significantly increase your energy bill.


Condensation forms on windows in the presence of excess moisture or a drastic difference in the temperature on either side of the glass. A small amount of condensation is not a cause for concern. You might use a dehumidifier if your home is humid. A plastic window insulation kit might be useful if the problem doesn’t go away.

Excessive condensation can cause mold and wood rot. Both are unsightly. Mold can be dangerous to live with, and wood rot can cause insect infestations.


Condensation on windows can freeze when the weather gets cold enough, damaging the wood around the window and even the glass as water freezing and melting expands and contracts. The glass can wrap, crack, or break. As the ice melts, it can cause water damage. For infrequent condensation, you can dry the glass to try to curb these effects. If it happens too often for that option to be practical, you will need to replace the windows.


When double-pane windows begin to leak, condensation can make it between the panes of glass, causing fogging or a wet look that can’t be wiped away. Leaks may be caused by moisture, heat, or old age. Fogging can make it impossible to see clearly through your window, and the fact that your seal is broken means your windows don’t provide the energy efficiency they were designed to. These windows might be able to be repaired by replacing the glass, or the entire window may have to be replaced.


Single-pane windows and poorly installed double-pane windows may not provide enough protection. You might replace these windows with better ones, but if that’s not an option right now, you can add to their insulating abilities during the trials of winter with an insulating kit or storm windows.

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