5 Fixes for Your Drafty Doors

Winter is coming. It’s time for cold temperatures and colder winds. When you have drafty doors, way too much of that wintry air comes into your home, making you uncomfortable and your energy company rich. Get those bills down by reading this post with tips to fix drafty doors. These solutions either require no tools at all or require only basic tools that most households would have. Many of them are also suitable for renters.

Door Draft Stopper

If all you are concerned about at this moment is keeping the air from blowing in or escaping under your door, then a quick, albeit, imperfect fix is to purchase a door draft stopper. They come in a variety of styles to complement your decor. One big downside is that they have to be moved into and out of place every time you use the door unless you buy a model that fits under your door and moves with it.

Foam Tape

You peel the adhesive edge off of this foam tape and apply it either to the door frame or the door to fill all the gaps around the door for pretty solid insulation. The insulative foam is thick enough to fill gaps and squishy enough to let the door close. It is inexpensive and easy to find as pretty much any home supply store should carry it.

Door Sweeps

Attach a door sweep to your door to cover the gap. It will be as though the door were longer without making it unable to open or close. The “sweep” part of this addition is a brush-like bottom that is flexible enough to let the door move and close back freely.

Threshold Covers

If the reason you have a draft is that the floor is uneven or damaged, you can fill the gap with a threshold cover. You will probably need to have that floor looked at eventually because whatever is wrong with it will probably cause other issues, but this is a good fix in the meantime.

Shorter-Term Solutions

If this cold weather is very unusual and you don’t require anything even slightly permanent, you can cover your door with a blanket or lay a thick towel down at the base of the door like a temporary door draft stopper.

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