Philadelphia All Glass Entrances

All Glass Entrances

Cypress Door and Glass are masters of design and application for all glass entrances (Herculite, Frameless Glass Partitions). We design all systems in-house and fabricate them to fit the needs of your project. Whether your project is a vast fit-out of an office building or just a single new office front, Cypress would be happy to assist you and cater to your needs. Frameless glass partitions offer a limited visible portion of framing to support them, resulting in a sleek design perfect for your new space. Our Herculite entrances have many hardware options associated with their functionality.

A standard Herculite application would include back-to-back ladder pull handles with multiple height options (or offset pull handles), top and bottom door rails (typically 4” tapered) or patch fittings, overhead concealed closer with optional hold-open function, door header, top and bottom pivots, and optional bottom rail locking. 

Our overhead concealed closers allow you to easily open your door and allow free access to your office without the need to continuously open and close your door. Simply open your door past a certain degree and the closer will engage the hold-open function (If selected). To disengage the hold-open function, simply pull the door leaf back past the point of engagement and the door will softly close. The lock for your Herculite entrance will be located in the bottom door rail in a standard application. 

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