Benefits of Shatter-Resistant Glass

Sometimes an extra layer of security is needed. You might have a greater need to prevent forced entry or to prevent the hazard of broken glass shards. Shatter-resistant glass is a type of security glass that may be exactly what you need. 

It’s not unbreakable, (we’ll discuss unbreakable glass below), but it is less likely to break. When it does, the shards are contained so they don’t go flying and hurt people. In this post, we will cover the many benefits of this type of glass.

Shatter Resistant Glass Benefits


#1. Protection from Breakage

Shatter-resistant glass contains a thermoplastic interlayer that can withstand most types of impact, so you run much less risk of surprise replacement. 

Should it break, this glass has a laminated coating that keeps glass shards contained where they pose little harm.

#2. Protection from Breaking and Entering

This glass can withstand repeated blows from crowbars, hammers, and other tools a burglar might use to try to break in. While someone determined enough might eventually break it, they are likely to get cold feet with the process taking so long and someone inside might hear them and be able to react.

#3. Sound Reduction

Street noises sound quiet behind shatter-resistant glass. The more of your windows contain this glass, the more drastic the noise reduction will be. This can greatly improve the atmosphere inside the building.

#4. Energy-efficient

Shatter-resistant glass with a resinous interlayer protects from breakage and has great energy efficiency. By providing a thicker barrier between inner and outer air, you can see such a dramatic decrease in your energy bills that your windows will quickly pay for themselves.

#5. Protection from Weather Damage

If your property is in an area that sees many hurricanes, tornadoes, or other severe weather, you’ll appreciate that shatter-resistant glass is less likely to be damaged by branches, lawn chairs, and other things that Mother Nature may hurl at your window. This protects people inside the building and prevents water damage that would occur if the window broke and allowed rain to enter the property.

#6. Looks Like Regular, Uncovered Glass

If you have been or are considering using bars or storm shutters to protect your windows, you can do without them with shatter-resistant glass. This makes your property much more attractive and open without sacrificing safety.

#7. UV Protection

This glass blocks the UV rays that can fade photos, artworks, furniture, and carpets. Preserve the longevity of everything inside with shatter-resistant glass.

#8. Reduces Glare

Shatter-resistant glass also prevents glare. Most people think glare is just something they have to live with and rearrange the room or buy special glass for photos and objects they want to protect. If glare is causing you a problem, it doesn’t have to.

#9. Customizable

You can add tinting, coloring, or mirror effects to shatter-resistant glass for privacy.

Shatterproof Glass Film

It is possible to purchase films that will laminate existing windows and offer some of the same benefits as shatter-resistant glass. It is not as strong as shatter-resistant glass, so you will need to determine if the reduced cost will provide you with the level of protection you need.

Unbreakable Glass

The most unbreakable glass isn’t glass. It’s polycarbonate. It looks and seems just like glass, and it is virtually indestructible. There are several ratings. The highest rating can stop bullets. If you need the ultimate protection, don’t just buy unbreakable glass, buy the toughest strength unbreakable glass.

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