Make Sure Your Doors are ADA-Compliant

Many businesses are required by law to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In this post, we’ll discuss how that applies to doors and what you can do to ensure you comply. Why ADA Compliance is Important First, making your business accessible to more people allows you to

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6 Ways to Improve The Security of Your Doors

When we get home and lock our doors, we want to feel secure that our family and our belongings are safe. If you don’t feel your doors provide adequate protection, read this post to learn how to improve the security of your doors. No Need to Sacrifice Beauty If you

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When to Consider Window Replacement

Windows do far more than we normally expect. They seem to just be there, but they serve several useful functions. They provide light, offer ventilation, look beautiful, reduce energy costs, keep outdoor sound outdoors, and protect you from pests and intruders. If your windows are not performing one or more

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5 Fixes for Your Drafty Doors

Winter is coming. It’s time for cold temperatures and colder winds. When you have drafty doors, way too much of that wintry air comes into your home, making you uncomfortable and your energy company rich. Get those bills down by reading this post with tips to fix drafty doors. These

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5 Common Winter Issues Facing Your Windows

Home maintenance matters. It keeps us more comfortable and safe in our homes, reduces energy costs, prevents the need for more expensive repairs in the future, and helps us protect our home’s value. Drafts and high energy bills often highlight these points during the winter. This post will tell you

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5 Reasons Storm Windows are Worth the Investment

We all dread broken windows and high energy bills, and storm windows can protect you from both. They’re an investment, like many others that you make in your home, but this post will help you determine if it’s the next investment you want to make this year. What Are Storm

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