men weather stripping door

The Importance of Weatherstripping Your Door

If your electric bill is high or you’re uncomfortable in your home, you may need weatherstripping. It’s the plastic, rubber, foam, or metal barriers around your doors and windows that keep cold and hot air outside where it belongs. You may not notice them, but they have a big impact.

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shatter resistant glass - Cypress Door and Glass

Benefits of Shatter-Resistant Glass

Sometimes an extra layer of security is needed. You might have a greater need to prevent forced entry or to prevent the hazard of broken glass shards. Shatter-resistant glass is a type of security glass that may be exactly what you need.  It’s not unbreakable, (we’ll discuss unbreakable glass below),

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Sliding door - Cypress Door and Glass

How To Maintain Your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are great additions to any home. They offer unique opportunities for natural light, air circulation, and access to outdoor living spaces. If you want them to continue to be the beautiful and enjoyable home features they were when first installed, you need to do a little maintenance.

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Firefighters - Cypress Door and Glass

The Truth About Fire Resistant Doors

More than 3,000 people die from fire-related causes every year in the United States. Fire-resistant doors can prevent injuries and deaths from fires, but 6 commonly held beliefs make people hesitate to use them. Read this post to learn the truth about fire-resistant doors.  What is A Fire-Resistant Door?  Fire-resistant

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Broken glass - Cypress Door and Glass

Safety Tips for Broken Glass

Broken glass happens, whether it comes from a broken window, mirror, drinking glass, or door. It’s important to take appropriate precautions whenever you’re dealing with glass because it can cut you pretty badly. Read these safety tips for broken glass so you’ll be prepared.  Tips for Handling Broken Glass  The first

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Windows with blinds - Cypress Door and Glass

Easy Steps to Cleaning Window Blinds

Window blinds are complex, having so many little spaces to clean. In this post, we’ll go over a variety of easy steps to cleaning window blinds to help you tackle this job as simply and effectively as possible. Dust and Then Clean Don’t try to dust and clean your blinds

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