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The Truth About Fire Resistant Doors

More than 3,000 people die from fire-related causes every year in the United States. Fire-resistant doors can prevent injuries and deaths from fires, but 6 commonly held beliefs make people hesitate to use them. Read this post to learn the truth about fire-resistant doors.  What is A Fire-Resistant Door?  Fire-resistant

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Safety Tips for Broken Glass

Broken glass happens, whether it comes from a broken window, mirror, drinking glass, or door. It’s important to take appropriate precautions whenever you’re dealing with glass because it can cut you pretty badly. Read these safety tips for broken glass so you’ll be prepared.  Tips for Handling Broken Glass  The first

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Easy Steps to Cleaning Window Blinds

Window blinds are complex, having so many little spaces to clean. In this post, we’ll go over a variety of easy steps to cleaning window blinds to help you tackle this job as simply and effectively as possible. Dust and Then Clean Don’t try to dust and clean your blinds

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Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Glass?

Windows are a part of a building that is easy to think of as simply there. What do most people think windows need besides regular cleaning? But there are actually several things that can go wrong with windows that are more subtle than breakage or water leaks. Caring for commercial

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Cleaning Your Glass Windows the Right Way

Windows are an important aspect of all homes, but it does not matter the type of glass in your windows; all of them will get dirty and need cleaning!  Everyone wants to make their lives easier, especially cleaning. It is necessary to use the right products and materials when cleaning

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How to Birdproof Your Windows

Birds will often collide with the windows in buildings because of their reflective surfaces. These surfaces reflect the landscape around them and confuse the birds, causing a collision with your windows. Also, if you leave lights on at night, the glow can be enticing to birds.  Both of these situations

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