How Glass is Made

Glass is everywhere around us in modern times. We use it in our homes, and it has become increasingly popular to see enormous skyscrapers entirely made of huge pieces of glass. But how exactly are all of these different types of glass made, and how do they not break?  While

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Safe Glass Handling and Storage

Safe glass handling and storage is essential for both employees and customers of commercial glass manufacturers. Necessary safety precautions and training should be implemented to reduce the risk of broken glass and potential injuries. Proper safety training also provides your customers with the peace of mind that their safety and

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Glass Front Doors - Cypress Door and Glass

Safest Front Doors

When choosing a new front door, safety and security are often the top priorities for homeowners. With so many options on the market, knowing what’s best for your home and family can be difficult. Check out some of the most popular types of front doors below and our best recommendations

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Private Glass Door - Cypress Door And Glass

How to Make Your Glass Door Private

Glass doors work well in many rooms to allow natural light to flow throughout your home. They also match most décor styles due to their minimal aesthetic. However, privacy quickly becomes a thing of the past when you install glass doors, as your neighbors, mailman, and passers-by can now possibly

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board up emergency - Cypress Door and Glass

Emergency Board Up Services

When faced with a disaster affecting your home or other property, it can be easy to just give up hope and walk away. You may feel frustrated and like there’s simply nothing that can be done to save everything you’ve worked so hard for. However, whether you are getting ready

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What can be done about foggy insulated glass units?

Many homeowners these days are choosing to install double or triple-paned insulated glass windows, also known as IGUs due to their increased energy efficiency. Because of their multiple layers that are often filled with inert gas and covered in special coatings, these types of windows are also referred to as

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