Basics of Board Up Services

No one ever wants to face a situation where they’re required to board up their home or business, but it can provide many benefits and protections for you during a highly stressful time. If you’re facing one of the situations outlined below, contact your local glass and door professionals to enlist their help in boarding up your property and protecting your assets.

Board Up Services

Board-up services are used to protect entry points to your property that may be vulnerable due to inclement weather or other potential exposure. This usually includes windows, doors, and other glass areas that may break easily due to vandalism, high winds, or other disasters.

Most often, board-up services are used after emergency weather situations that leave your windows or doors damaged or completely shattered. This is unsafe, even if you don’t plan to stay in the house, due to the risk of stolen property and additional damage. If the weather has impacted many homes and businesses in your area, it may be quite some time before you can have your windows or doors replaced. Board-up services are a temporary solution that provides security and peace of mind while you wait.

When to Use Board Up Services

Board-up services can be used anytime your property is vulnerable due to glass breakage, but here are some more common situations.

Storm Damage

During thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, there is an increased risk that an object may impact your glass windows or doors, causing damage or shattering them completely. Storms also change the pressure outside, which can cause windows to break due to the difference between inside and outside pressure. In these situations, getting damaged glass boarded up quickly will protect your property and prevent additional breakage.

Preventative Protection

If you know a storm is coming to your area, board-up services can be used as a preventative measure. Boarding up windows and doors protects them against flying projectiles and pressure changes. This can be a much more affordable option than repairing and replacing windows after the fact.

Fire Damage

If you have recently experienced a fire on your property, you probably have some broken glass due to the intense heat. Board-up services will keep your belongings safe while you’re handling other issues caused by fire damage.

Vacant Property Security

Vacant properties are prime targets for break-ins. Boarding up a foreclosed upon or abandoned structure can keep it safe and preserve it until it can be used again.

Benefits of Board Up Services

The prime benefit of using board-up services is the potential to save you money and prevent further damage to your property. It can be a huge weight off of your mind to have those windows protected.

Damage Prevention

Using board up services as a preventative measure can save you thousands of dollars in repairs after a bad storm. But if your property has already sustained damage, boarding it up can prevent additional interior and exterior damage.

Vandalism & Theft Prevention

Broken windows are a prime target for those interested in vandalizing property. It also provides easy access to enter the property and steal your belongings. Use board up services to keep vandals out.

Insurance Coverage

If you are facing property damage due to a storm or fire, you will likely file a claim with your insurance company to recoup costs. Using board up services can help ensure complete coverage by preventing further damage. Insurance companies are less likely to deny claims when board up services are used after a disaster.

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