Buying New Windows for Your Business

Is it time to buy new windows for your business? While many issues with commercial glass can be repaired, there are some situations where replacement is the best option. Learn more about potential commercial window issues that indicate it’s the right time to look for new windows for your building.

Broken Windows

Broken or cracked windows can lead to a series of issues. Not only do they make your business look bad, but they put you at higher risk for potential break-ins and robberies. A cracked window is easier to remove when someone is attempting to enter and could crack further due to environmental stress or weather, risking injury to anyone nearby.

Replacing individual broken or cracked panes is an option, but it may make more sense financially to replace the entire window, especially if it means upgrading from older windows to more efficient ones. It is likely more cost-effective to choose a complete installation than to attempt ongoing repairs that don’t completely solve the problem. 

Foggy Glass

Over time, commercial glass may start to appear foggy or hazy in appearance. This is a result of water getting trapped between the panes of glass due to failed sealant and then condensing to form an unappealing fog. While repair may be an option, it involves clearing the panes of the interior water and resealing the entire window, which may be costly depending on the size of your glass. You may also need additional sealing treatments, depending on the materials used.

Rather than repairing foggy glass windows, replacement may be a better long-term option. When choosing a new commercial glass installation expert, make sure they use proper installation techniques and a high-quality sealant, like the silicone sealant that Cypress Door & Glass uses.

Windows That Do Not Work

If your windows are no longer operational, replacement is often your best option. Having windows in your business that do not open or close properly puts you, your employees, and your business at unnecessary risk, so we recommend remedying this situation with repairs or replacement windows as soon as possible.

Most often, windows that do not open or close happen due to warping of the frame or issues with the mechanical parts. While some parts on newer windows may be available for installation, older windows will likely require replacement with a new window and frame.

Window Frames with Damage

Window frames can be one of the most challenging parts of your window to repair. Thanks to natural wear and tear due to environmental stressors and pressure from the building, many commercial window frames can be slowly bent out of shape or start to fall apart over time. 

A majority of the time, issues with window frames require a new window to be installed regardless of the condition of the glass due to the structure of the window and the building. It can be an excellent opportunity to change the look or shape of your windows and give your business a whole new look.

Increase in Energy Costs

One of the first signs of issues with your windows is an increase in your energy or fuel bills. If these costs go up, it could be a sign that your windows are not sealing properly, leading to air slowly leaking out and your heat or air conditioning systems starting to work in overdrive.

An energy audit can help you pinpoint the location of the leak and determine if repairs or replacements are necessary. In the long run, catching an energy leak early and replacing a faulty window quickly can save you a significant amount of money.

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