Glass Engineering Consulting

Consulting / Value Engineering

Cypress Door and Glass offers consulting and value engineering solutions for Architects, Contractors, and Owners. We have mastered the art of refining projects based on necessity and easability of function. 

Some of our main points of interest in consulting would be proper sizing, the necessity for additional vertical/horizontal mullions, wind load, dead load, product data and scale, areas where value engineering is possible and difference in functionality or aesthetic, code requirements, help selecting the right products, and industry-specific hang-ups or solutions. 

The project size cap is $2,000,000 on the glazing package value only for consulting. Cypress offers insights into cost differences between options to allow for our client to have the best possible product at the best possible price. It has become commonplace in the industry for projects to carry numerous addenda and bulletins revising design through RFI or owner recommendation. Cypress can help alleviate the burden of additional costs from change orders and lost info/misordered products from these changes. 

Cypress charges $175/Hour up to ten hours for our consulting services. Consulting and Value engineering services are available during normal business hours, with extended hours pricing (after 4:30 PM) being charged at $350/Hour.