Cutting Business Heating Bills in the Office

Most offices and companies always keep an eye out for various ways to reduce expenses. Office expenses that staff and employees have direct control over are the heating and cooling bills. For example, when the weather is nice and cool, you can turn off the office air conditioning during lunch break. 

The yearly wear and tear of wind, rain, snow, sun, and ice affect the integrity of a building’s exterior, and thus, it affects energy bills. You may not realize that leaks in your office ceiling and roof are causing your heating bills to skyrocket. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways to cut business heating bills in the office.

Replace Old Doors

Many offices have standard doors that may not be insulated enough. Invest in a new door that is more durable and reduces airflow into the office. You should also consider insulated doors to keep the heat and cold out. The seal of an old doorway may not be doing its job anymore, resulting in higher heating bills. This is an easy fix that can be implemented in a few days.

Increase Insulation

Insulation plays a crucial role in heating and cooling bills. While insulation typically holds up well over many years, at a certain point, it also needs to be checked on and probably replaced. Updating insulation in an office usually can’t be performed by employees within the firm. It’s best to consult with a professional regarding office insulation and how to add more insulation to help cut your heating bills.

Check the HVAC System

If your HVAC system is older, it might not be able to supply enough cold or warm air to control your office’s temperature. Check the HVAC ducts to see if the air is escaping from the joints. If it is, you must find a way to seal the drafts to make your office more energy efficient and cut your heating bills. Have an expert come and recommend how to improve your HVAC’s energy efficiency. 

Replace Windows

While this is not the cheapest option, changing the windows can significantly decrease your office’s heating bills. Windows need to be upgraded every so often, whether at home or in an office. Older windows typically do not offer the double-paned, gas-filled protection that new windows provide. Check your current windows to determine if you can feel drafts near the frames. If you do, you definitely need to replace your windows, which can cut your business heating bills.

A few adjustments can help you cut your business heating bills and decrease your monthly expenses. While you might think a slight decrease won’t make a difference, multiply the reduction in monthly costs over twelve months to see how much you can save on your heating bills in a year. We’re sure the number will be well worth it!

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