Installing Ditec Entrematic Closers

Not sure what type of door closer is right for you? Let us help you make the best choice for your storefront.

Our trained team of technicians here at Cypress Door and Glass LLC work with products from automated door industry leading companies, such as Ditec Entrematic.

Ditec is a leading partner supplying top-quality doors and hardware for commercial entrance automation systems. Ditec offers seven models of commercial door closers, in three basic versions and four variants. The company manufacturers commercial door closer devices in two different functionalities:

Motor-Driven Opening & Spring-Operated Closing

This is the ideal choice for use where door closing must be ensured, even in the case of power failure.

With this type of commercial door closer, the door can be opened manually, which loads a spring that engages when the door is pulled close again. This model is ideal for intensive use applications, and even for very heavy doors. Ditec’s Supertransit 95C, Transit UE, and Supertransit 95L all use this type of operation.

For installations not requiring great closing force, the Transit UE has a gentle and easy movement, ideal for commercial doors frequently used by people with physical disabilities. The Autoswing FA-8 opens a door with a 1/5 horsepower motor using reduction gears splined spindle, door arm, and linkage assembly. Its drive train has constant positive engagement and stops in the open position by electrically reducing motor voltage and stalling to a stop.

Motor-Driven Opening & Motor-Driven Closing

This type of commercial door closer is ideal for all situations not requiring a spring-operated version.

The motors in these models are powerful enough to resist strong winds blowing in the opposite direction of the closing door. Ditec’s Transit 97C, Spirit and Transit 97L use this type of operation. These employ the motor as a dynamic brake to control closing speed. Closing time at “full energy” is less than 4.5 seconds.

Several Degrees of Safety

Although the sensors mounted above and upon automatic doors act as the first line of defense against unwanted door closing, Ditec offers commercial door closer models with motors that can detect an object resisting the door’s closing. The door opens back up if it encounters any resistance to closing. This works as a type of fail-safe should a wall or door-mounted radar or infrared sensor fail.

Ditec DAB105, High-Tech Commercial Door Closers

This swing commercial door closer made by Ditec uses a similar DC motor and gear-reduction system. Closing power is motorized, and is also provided by a clock spring in power outage situations. A highly sophisticated electronic control unit uses a motor encoder and microprocessor to control the door’s movement. The DAB105 will open and stay open for a programmable amount of time. When the timer runs out, the door automatically closes again.

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