Cleaning Your Glass Windows the Right Way

Windows are an important aspect of all homes, but it does not matter the type of glass in your windows; all of them will get dirty and need cleaning! 

Everyone wants to make their lives easier, especially cleaning. It is necessary to use the right products and materials when cleaning your windows. Cleaning windows on a regular basis can help let in the beautiful sunshine while also making sure your windows last! Cleaning windows can also help you detect issues in the windows that need repair. To make sure your windows last, use these cleaning tips! 

No Hassle Window Cleaning 

  • Create your own cleaner. Cleaning glass can be one of the biggest hassles of cleaning your home. Often time the store-bought products leave streaks. You can create your own cleaner using materials in your house! Grab some white vinegar and dilute it with distilled or filtered water! Be careful using tap water, as it can have debris that can scratch or dirty your glass. The best substance for streak-free windows is isopropyl alcohol! 
  • Remember that you are not a chemist. Sometimes, it is necessary to use more than one product to keep surfaces clean but do not mix them. Some materials become dangerous if mixed together, and ome substances become corrosive when combined, which will ruin the seals of your windows. 
  • Soap adds streaks. Soap can help clean plenty of things in your house, but not on windows. Soap will leave a residue that needs to be rinsed off. The best cleaning solution is a combination of vinegar and alcohol, but do not mix them! 
  • Consider your cloths. It might seem strange, but the type of material used to clean windows is important. Using the wrong material can cause streaks. For the best results, use a squeegee or microfiber cloth. it is best to wait a moment and then wipe it down again to ensure that your windows are streak-free and shiny.

Before considering window replacements, clean your windows. Use these tips to be sure they are streak-free and clean. 

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