Brand New Doors For Ace Hardware In Havertown

Ace Hardware in Havertown wanted a front door replacement before their new store opening. They knew exactly who to call!

When considering the customer experience, there’s one detail that should never be overlooked, and that’s the front door.

A Recent Success

Fisher Ace Hardware in Havertown recently took over an old establishment and wanted their store opening to go off without a hitch. The old Dor-O-Matic automatic handicap doors had been in place for many years and it was starting to show. There were visible scratches and the color was sun-faded which was not up to Ace Hardware’s standards. Plus, the doors were slow to open and even slower to close. Locking the store doors every night was a challenge due to the worn motor, rollers, and guides.

Knowing worn automatic front doors would be bad for business, Fisher Ace Hardware called Cypress Door & Glass for a replacement after reading about our expertise and quick work.

Our team sat down with them and discussed different automatic door options. They wanted the store to make a great impression right off the bat, so they chose new bi-part Record automatic doors. For a professional and sleek look, our clients picked clear grey. Grey also offered a quicker lead time so the doors could be fabricated at our glass shop and installed immediately after. The doors were also glazed with 1/4” clear tempered safety glass. We used both interior and exterior IXIO Be a safety sensors for both activation and presence detection. Along with the sensors are dual eye beams are being installed into the fixed sidelites to ensure pedestrian safety as they walk through the path of the sliding doors. Both the interior and exterior vestibule doors are equipped with the same safety sensors.

We began by carefully removing the existing doors, making sure the surrounding walls remained fresh and untouched. Afterward, our experts installed two sets of Record automatic front doors. We adjusted them and made sure everything worked perfectly. The existing power was also used to supply power to the new doors without having to run any additional wires for the commercial door installation.

Our clients loved the end result! The doors are now ready to welcome a steady stream of customers. To top it off, the storefront looks attractive and fresh thanks to the brand new automatic doors! We wish the New Fisher location the best with their Havertown, PA expansion.

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