The Importance of Weatherstripping Your Door

If your electric bill is high or you’re uncomfortable in your home, you may need weatherstripping. It’s the plastic, rubber, foam, or metal barriers around your doors and windows that keep cold and hot air outside where it belongs. You may not notice them, but they have a big impact. Read this post to learn how to tell if you need weatherstripping.

Why You Need Weatherstripping

It may seem like your doors and windows do all the work. You can even purchase both of them in models that offer greater protection from the elements, but they don’t do their job alone. Weatherstripping seals the tiny gaps around windows and doors so the air in your home that you’re carefully trying to keep comfortable stays inside at the temperature you want. 

Every exterior door and openable window needs weatherstripping, including those leading to garages and attics. Windows that don’t open need caulking, which works the same way as weatherstripping but doesn’t have to allow for window movement.

 The benefits of weatherstripping include:

  • A 30-40% reduction in loss of heated and cooled air.
  • Helping the environment by using less electricity to make up for the air loss.
  • Your doors and windows opening and closing properly.
  • Protecting your home’s insulation by keeping moisture outside.
  • Enjoying a more comfortable home.

Weatherstripping can be damaged by moisture, wear and tear, or old age, and some types of weatherstripping wear out sooner than others.

When You Need Weatherstripping

The next important question is how to tell that you need new weatherstripping.

If your home is drafty, you need weatherstripping. If you’re mystified by an increase in your electric bill or you have to crank up the thermostat to achieve the temperature you want, your weatherstripping is probably worn out. You can test out these theories by taking a handheld dryer and blowing around the edges of the closed window or door. If you have someone else step outside and put their hand there and they can feel the hot air coming through, your weatherstripping is bad.

Damaged weatherstripping could interfere with a door or window’s functionality. If you struggle to open or close your window or weatherstripping is hanging, you need new weatherstripping to restore the look or functionality of your space.

Examine your door and window frames’ edges, the top, bottom, and sides. There should be metal, plastic, rubber, or foam attached where the frame meets the door or window. If these are missing or visibly damaged, you need new weatherstripping.

If you aren’t sure, you can ask a door and window specialist to come in and do a free estimate.

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A homeowner can weatherstrip doors and windows themselves, but you may not be able to or want to DIY. A professional can also help you choose the right weatherstripping or caulk for your needs and install it correctly the first time. Contact us for professional work.