Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Glass?

Windows are a part of a building that is easy to think of as simply there. What do most people think windows need besides regular cleaning? But there are actually several things that can go wrong with windows that are more subtle than breakage or water leaks. Caring for commercial glass can save you money in energy bills, lost revenue, and potential damages. Read this post to learn the signs you need to repair or replace your commercial glass.

Windows are Difficult to Open or Close

You may find that your windows that are meant to open don’t want to. This is an annoyance you and your customers don’t need at the least, and it can lead to an eventual jam that prevents you from opening or closing the window at all, which means you will have lost control over your environment until the problem is fixed.

It can be possible to repair these windows rather than replace them, and you can ask a commercial glass repair and replacement contractor for your options. Sometimes old window hardware is too difficult to replace, so you have to go with a new window installation.

Where is That Moisture Coming From?

Double-pane windows are built with an air-tight seal between the two panes that is intended to provide insulation. That space is filled with argon and krypton gas. Sometimes the seal becomes compromised, and moisture will collect between the panes. It looks like fog or water drops. You can’t wipe away the moisture. It’s just going to stay there behind the glass. Your view will be ruined, and customers may think you are poorly maintaining your business. “What else are you neglecting?” they may wonder. The window’s ability to insulate your space is also compromised, and you could experience water leaks that will lead to water damage. This usually requires individual pane or window replacement.

Why Is My Electric Bill So Expensive?

You may begin to notice your electric bill is inexplicably higher, your HVAC system is working harder than usual, you feel draughts inside with the windows closed, or sounds from the street seem louder. All of these things can mean your windows have lost their weather seal, and things that are supposed to stay outside are coming inside. You should call a commercial glass repair and replacement contractor to determine how to best address the problem.

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