Keeping Your Office Warm & Dry During Winter Months

We’re sure it’s happened to you before – you open up your heating bill, and you almost can’t believe how high the figures are staring back at you. Just the thought of winter heating costs often makes people anxious about their next energy bill. Heating and cooling expenses take up most of the energy used in the average American home, and the same holds true for offices.

Different factors can affect your office’s energy efficiency during the winter months. If your energy bills during winter have always been significantly high or have been getting higher in the last few years, there are things you can do to help reduce your office energy costs.

A significant factor in heating costs is airflow in and out of your office. These can be affected by issues with moisture. Inspect the condition of the exterior of your office during fall and spring to see any problems like moisture, mold, or signs of wear and tear. All these can affect your energy bills.

Here are some concrete things you can do today to keep your office warm and dry during the winter months:

Fix Damaged and Leaking Roofs

Check your office roof regularly. Normal wear and tear can lead to minor issues that turn into costly damage when they aren’t noticed early enough. Observe the condition of your office roof from the outside. Do you see any missing or broken shingles? If yes, have a roofing contractor or company replace any missing shingles immediately. If your shingles are curling at the edges, this also means they need to be replaced. Look for leaks, water spots, or trapped moisture in the ceiling, and fix these damaged roofs.

Replace Windows and Doors

Old, outdated, or poor-quality windows can cause heat loss in the office. If you notice powerful drafts from your windows or see ice on the inside glass, your windows and doors probably need to be replaced. Switch out your current windows for new, energy-efficient windows. These windows help keep your office warm during winter and cool during the summer by keeping the sun’s rays out. Doors that allow wind and drafts into the office must also be replaced. 

Increase Insulation

Insulation is one of the most critical factors in keeping heat inside your office. Unfortunately, many offices need to be insulated more, especially in older buildings. Adding insulation is always a good idea, but this is not something you can do on your own. Consult a professional about adding insulation to your office. When your office’s insulation improves, less heat will escape, keeping your office warm and dry during the winter months and decreasing energy expenses.

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