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Cypress Security & Lock division is your local commercial locksmith and access control specialist. We repair and install all door hardware, key fobs, keys, locks, and access controls in commercial buildings.

Our certified techs in Philadelphia and surrounding areas are ready to help with all your access needs. We install new key fob systems in new construction and service almost all existing access systems. Mag locks, electric strikes, and electrified panic hardware are serviced daily by our qualified service team. 

Door Access Control Installation in Philadelphia

Our commercial access systems are user-friendly, and we can customize the right access control for you. Many of our access control and locksmith service systems are cloud-based, allowing you to control your door lock from your phone.

Our systems also have timers that can automatically lock and unlock your door depending on your hours of operation (this is what we have on our shop door). Our techs love the ease of use, and different techs have different hours they can access the front door depending on their job requirements. 

We’re here to help with all your commercial door access and security needs with our access service division.

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