How To Maintain Your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are great additions to any home. They offer unique opportunities for natural light, air circulation, and access to outdoor living spaces. If you want them to continue to be the beautiful and enjoyable home features they were when first installed, you need to do a little maintenance. Otherwise, you could end up with gummed-up tracks, derailed doors, or worn-out rollers. You’ve probably encountered a few sliding glass doors like this before. Thankfully, maintaining them is pretty easy.

Maintenance to Do Regularly

Cleaning the glass is the first step to maintaining your doors because the cleaner the glass is, the harder it is for junk to build up on the frame and in the tracks. Do this step at whatever time interval is best for you, every two weeks, every week, every couple of days, whenever a disturbing mess appears. 

Every Two Weeks

Clean the frame every two weeks. If you’ve been cleaning the glass, it should be easy to do. You will want to lightly dust it and wipe it with warm, slightly soapy water. Don’t use harsh chemicals as they might damage the finish. 


Clean the track. You can make it easier by starting with a vacuum cleaner. Once you’ve picked up the loose gunk, you can use some warm, soapy water to get the rest. An old toothbrush will help you get in little spaces.

Once the tracks are clean, you should lubricate the tracks to keep them from sticking. Unless they’re aluminum. Aluminum tracks may actually stick if you lubricate them.

You might need to remove the doors from the track to clean and lubricate it.

As Needed

If you have wooden frames, you will need to revarnish them when the existing varnish wears down. 

When the weatherstripping starts to look worn down or get brittle, you should replace it to preserve the seal and keep the elements out. You remove the old weatherstripping, clean beneath it, and then install new by following the instructions on the package.

If the rollers start giving you trouble, they may need to be cleaned or replaced. If they’re dirty, you can just clean and lubricate them. If they’re damaged, you’ll have to replace them. The new rollers will need to be aligned properly and will probably need some tinkering with to achieve smooth movement.

For Other Movement Problems

If your sliding glass doors aren’t working properly and none of the above solved the issue, damage, poor installation, dirt, or a settling foundation can all cause doors to lose their alignment. Adjust the roller screws or remove and reset the doors so they’re straight. 

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