How to Protect Your Commercial Doors and Glass from Winter Damage

The onset of winter brings a mosaic of snow-covered streets, festive moods, and, of course, the challenges of colder temperatures. The doors and windows – the protective barriers against external conditions – can become vulnerable for commercial establishments. 

Preparing your business’s entry points and ensuring they are in optimal condition is about comfort, safety, and efficiency. In this post, we’ll give you a deeper understanding of how to offer maximum protection to your commercial doors and glass from the harsh winter weather.

Essential Steps to Combat the Winter Cold: Weatherproofing Your Business

Ensure Robust Seals and Weather Stripping

Cold air has a knack for finding its way through the tiniest of gaps. Examine the seals and weather stripping on your doors and windows with a keen eye. If you notice any wear or tear, it clearly indicates they need replacement. By ensuring these seals are in top shape, you not only prevent uncomfortable cold drafts but also achieve significant energy savings.

Transition to Double-Paned Glass

For businesses still using single-pane glass, think about the benefits of transitioning to double-paned options. Offering an extra layer of insulation, they efficiently keep out the winter chill and ensure the interior warmth remains consistent. Beyond just comfort, this change can result in noticeable energy bill savings over time.

Structural Integrity: Prioritizing Maintenance and Upkeep

Systematic Inspection of Door Frames and Supporting Structures

Repeated exposure to snow and the freeze-thaw cycle can compromise the strength of door frames. Scheduled, systematic inspections can spotlight potential weak points before they escalate into bigger challenges that demand expensive fixes.

Swift Removal of Snow and Ice

Snow and ice accumulating around entrances are more than just an inconvenience. They can hinder the functionality of doors, especially automatic ones. By ensuring entrances are clear, you’re ensuring both the smooth operation of doors and safety, minimizing risks like potential slips or falls for visitors.

Special Measures to Shield Your Glass

Integrate Protective Films

One effective way to fortify commercial glass against breaks and cracks is by applying protective films. Besides adding a shield of strength, these films make glass more resilient, especially against accumulated snow and ice pressures.

Maintain Steady Indoor Temperatures

Glass is sensitive to abrupt temperature shifts. Sudden increases in indoor heating, especially when the glass is cold, can lead to cracks. Maintaining steady, gradual temperature changes is beneficial to avoid such issues.

Cypress Door and Glass: Your Trusted Partner Against Winter’s Wrath

While understanding and implementing these precautions is key, you don’t have to navigate the winter preparation maze by yourself.

Cypress Door and Glass is dedicated to effectively assisting businesses like yours in winterizing. Whether it’s a comprehensive inspection, recommending specific solutions, or hands-on assistance, our team guarantees your establishment is winter-ready. Let us support you, ensuring your commercial doors and glass remain undaunted, irrespective of how harsh the winter turns out. Reach out today, and together, we’ll usher in a season of warmth and security for your business.