Safety Tips for Broken Glass

Broken glass happens, whether it comes from a broken window, mirror, drinking glass, or door. It’s important to take appropriate precautions whenever you’re dealing with glass because it can cut you pretty badly. Read these safety tips for broken glass so you’ll be prepared. 

Tips for Handling Broken Glass 

The first step is to get any children or pets out of the room and notify other adults that you’re cleaning up glass. You can’t focus on cleaning up the glass while trying to keep someone else out of it.  

Put on a long sleeve shirt with some thickness to it to make sure you don’t rub your arms in the glass while cleaning it up. You may think this won’t happen, but it’s easy to do, and when it happens, you’ll wish you’d been wearing the shirt. It’s very important to protect your arms while handling glass because this is a particularly dangerous place to get a cut. 

Pick up large pieces of glass while wearing heavy gloves, such as for gardening or construction, and get up the small pieces and splinters with a shop vacuum or broom and dustpan. You’ll probably want to have gloves on for the small pieces too, though they may not have to be heavy duty ones. Clean all the glass up as quickly as you can without sacrificing safety to make sure that no one gets in it and no little pieces get lost anywhere to be discovered later. 

If you’re dealing with a window or door with large pieces of glass still attached to the frame, it may be too dangerous to remove alone. If they’re very easy to remove, you might be okay with your heavy duty gloves and long, thick sleeves. But if they give any resistance, call a glass expert to remove them.  

When you think you’ve cleaned up all the glass, go back over the entire room with the vacuum to be sure there aren’t any tiny shards lurking.  

Broken Glass Myths 

People around the world have varying beliefs about broken glass. Many people believe broken glass, particularly mirrors, causes seven years of bad luck. In Romania, Egypt, and India, it is considered good luck to break glass. A Jewish wedding tradition includes glass breaking to honor the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in Biblical times. Considering broken glass an omen of good luck is convenient for helping us deal with the inconvenience of window replacement or losing a favorite piece of drinkware. No matter how you feel about broken glass, it should always be handled with care because cuts from glass are bad. 

How to Dispose of Broken Glass 

Throwing it in the trash can be a later hazard to a member of your household or business and the trash collectors. If you must throw it in the trash can, wrap it in thick cloth and secure it with tape. 


If your city or county accepts glass in its recycling program, you can put the glass in your recycling bin. Putting it in an unbroken glass container can protect your family should they go in the bin. Glass breaks as it moves through the recycling process anyway, so that isn’t a big deal.  

It is possible to find drop-off locations for glass or to have someone pick it up for you. You will need to make sure no member of your family or business gets in the glass until that time. 


If you are careful and crafty, you might want to use the broken pieces of glass to create art. You could make mosaic-like creations in a variety of forms.  

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