Solving Seasonal Door Issues: Tips and Tricks

You may think once you install a door properly, you can relax and forget about it. However, changing seasons can have a noticeable effect on your commercial doors and their hardware. This impact can make it difficult to open and close doors. You might notice that your doors are sticking to the frame, or there seems to be a draft in the room that wasn’t there before. 

Don’t worry! Simple adjustments often fix these door issues quickly.

Here are simple modifications you can do to get your doors ready for the upcoming season:

Door Hinge Problems

Hinge problems can affect door closing and opening forces, causing doors to close slower than usual or feel misaligned. To prevent this from happening, lubricate and check all door hinges for excessive wear and tear once a year. Worn hinges will need extra closing force, which puts additional strain and pressure on the door closer.

Install ball-bearing hinges on doors with door closers to prevent extra wear on the closer and other hardware when replacing hinges. Do not use spray lubricants, like WD-40, because they attract and cause dirt to stick in the mechanism.

Door Closer Adjustments

When seasons change, the heating and cooling systems in your building also change. These adjustments affect the building’s air pressure, affecting the force required to close doors. One way to help overcome these pressure changes is to adjust door closers each spring and autumn. This prepares the doors for the upcoming change in temperature and air pressure.

Drafty Doors

Drafts often happen because of worn or loose weatherstripping around the door. When this occurs, binding at the hinge edge of the door can cause a draft. To solve this seasonal door problem, adjust the weatherstripping to improve the door’s seal and prevent drafts. 

Ensure you use the correct weatherstripping to prevent the draft issue from happening again. If this doesn’t work, you may need to install new weatherstripping. We can help you choose and install the right weatherstripping you need.

Misconfigured Locking Mechanism

A loose, misaligned, or misconfigured strike can prevent a door from properly latching and cause door problems. This might also make the door difficult to open, which should never happen because a door must always open easily, especially in an emergency. A door that doesn’t open correctly during an emergency can turn into a life-threatening situation. To avoid this, check the locking mechanism for adjustment and lubrication once a year.

Squeaking Doors

Squeaking doors usually happen during winter. To fix this, lubricate the door a little. For a quick fix, use the petroleum jelly you probably have sitting at home. Remove the door pins first so the lubricant can go inside the holes. Any pin on the door should be removed, the area lubricated, and then put back in place.

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