The Automatic Door Repair Experts To The Rescue!

Nobody knows Stanley automatic doors like we do!

When business is booming, high pedestrian traffic flow can do some damage to your doors. That’s exactly what happened at a Goodwill store in Philadelphia. Their Stanley Dura-Glide automatic doors needed a lot of attention in order to work like new after years of heavy traffic had worn them down.

They immediately called Cypress Door & Glass after reading about how professional and quick our experts are at door repair, especially when it comes to Stanley automatic doors.

Stanley offers the most popular brand of automatic doors around, with the Stanley Dura-Glide being the most commonly used installation in the Philadelphia and Baltimore markets. Cypress Door & Glass is well-versed in the technology and mechanics that make these automatic doors so popular, and we were more than happy to help.

The Interior Door Issue

Our technicians noticed a number of issues with the interior door upon first inspection. The motor gearbox was leaking fluid, which led to further damage to the Stanley Model J control and interface board, and both needed to be replaced. 

Luckily, the Stanley Model J and the updated Stanley MC521 are two of the most common controls available today!

We ensured that the newly installed control, interface, and motor gearbox were all operating per the Stanley manufacturer specifications, and that the door was sliding smoothly.

Grinding, Binding Doors 

Moving on to the exterior door, we noticed it had also seen some damage from all the pedestrian movement. It would grind and get stuck when sliding across the bottom track. 

We always stock necessary automatic door parts in our truck so that our technicians can replace items right away. In this case, the bottom guides were in stock, and both of the sidelite bottom guides were fixed in no time!

The previous exterior door’s aluminum had ripped away from the bottom guide, causing issues mounting the new sidelite bottom guides. Again, our knowledgeable service technicians were able to pinpoint the problem and correct it. Stanley doors typically use a full breakout bottom guide because it allows the interior sidelite to break out around the active panel.

Before leaving the property, we made sure to inspect the entire door to make sure no other issues needed attention. We knew that Stanley rollers and anti-risers are another common wear item, but upon inspection we determined that these were in good working order.

Our technicians were in and out in no time, and this Goodwill now has perfectly working automatic doors that are sure to last! 

What Causes Automatic Doors To Wear Out Prematurely?

We usually notice that the automatic door motor pulling the door open has to fight bad automatic door rollers and bottom guides, resulting in motor and controller failure. This happens often, and applies to tons of automatic door brands like Horton, Tormax, and Nabco, just to name a few.

Having a good automatic door preventative maintenance program in place can help you avoid unnecessary and costly automatic door repairs. Contact Cypress Door & Glass LLC today to discuss a program that fits your needs.