Commercial steel Doors in Philadelphia

Cypress Door and Glass offers a variety of steel door solutions including:

Steel Door Service 

Steel doors are most commonly used as the back entrance to a business. Whether it is for taking deliveries, or an employee entrance, having issues with your steel door can cause a security risk for your business. Cypress offers service and stocks parts for all types of steel doors including hardware such as panic bars, heavy-duty closers, peepholes, thresholds, and lever sets to fit all of your needs for your door application. Trying to lock up at the end of the night and your steel door just doesn’t want to cooperate so you can go home? Call our Emergency Service line 24/7 so we can lock up your building safely.

Steel door - Cypress Door and Glass
Steel door with window - Cypress Door and Glass

Steel Door installation

Cypress will install new steel doors with hardware packages that fit your specific needs. Need a pair of steel doors to bring carts and pallets through? No problem, we can supply you with hold-open arms for your closers to prop the doors open without having to put a brick, trash can, or other heavy objects in front of it. Want to be able to see whose outside the door? No problem, we offer lite kits of all sizes. We also offer ADA Handicap access operators installed on steel doors so you can open the door with a push of a button or just by passing through a sensor to automatically open the door.

Fire Rated Doors and Hardware

Cypress has over 200+ combined years of experience with doors and glass to ensure you get the best possible solutions for your building to be up to code for any upcoming inspections. We can offer you all of the options available on the market for fire-rated doors, frames, and hardware to ensure your building is ready for the next inspection and to keep its occupants safe in case of an emergency.

Steel door - Cypress Door and Glass
Steel door - Cypress Door and Glass


Interior Steel Doors

Interior steel doors can be important for many reasons when it comes to how traffic moves throughout your building and access to various areas is controlled. There are thousands of options when it comes to interior steel door hardware. Let us use our expertise to ensure you get the correct hardware for your building. Interior steel doors work great with ADA operators! Our automatic door technicians can help you set up a pair of interior steel doors to fit your needs whether it is double egress for patients in a hospital or a high traffic door that needs to be tied into an access security system. 

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