5 Reasons Storm Windows are Worth the Investment

We all dread broken windows and high energy bills, and storm windows can protect you from both. They’re an investment, like many others that you make in your home, but this post will help you determine if it’s the next investment you want to make this year.

What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are clear additions to your windows. They are made of glass or plastic, and they can be attached to the interior or exterior of your windows. Most are attached with magnets or by compression so they can be easily installed or removed. Just pop them into place and remove them as easily. This is important because if you want to open your window, you’ll have to remove the storm window to open it. Storm windows for windows you don’t intend to open can be screwed into place. Almost any window can be protected with a storm window, so you can take care of the whole house if you wish.

The 5 Benefits of Storm Windows

Energy Efficiency

Adding storm windows puts another layer between you and the elements, significantly reducing air loss. This will make your home more comfortable, while maintaining a lower electric bill, and offering more sustainability. Leaving storm windows up all year will add continuous energy efficiency, but you can also choose to use your storm windows when it’s particularly hot or cold. You probably won’t be opening your windows at these times of year, and the need for a more comfortable home and lower electric bills is even greater.

Window Protection

Windows are a significant investment in your home, and a hassle to replace if they get damaged. You can add a layer of protection between them and the threats from outside by installing exterior storm windows. Installing them will offer year-round or seasonal protection from hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme cold, and backyard baseball games.

Sound Reduction

That extra layer of glass or plastic can reduce street noise by up to 40%. If you are bothered by traffic noises or loud neighbors, adding storm windows to the side of the house that faces the offending sound will help you relax in your home.

Easy Maintenance

They require cleaning the same way and time that you clean your windows. Over their lifespan, you might need to add a glass coating, replace the frame, or caulk them for air or moisture leaks. 

Increase in Home Value

The benefits that make storm windows enticing to you will be very appealing to home buyers as well. When you get ready to sell your home, you’ll be able to get more money for it because of this addition.

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