When to Consider Window Replacement

Windows do far more than we normally expect. They seem to just be there, but they serve several useful functions. They provide light, offer ventilation, look beautiful, reduce energy costs, keep outdoor sound outdoors, and protect you from pests and intruders. If your windows are not performing one or more of those functions, they may need to be replaced.

Your Windows Are Hard to Open or Close

Windows are supposed to open and close almost effortlessly. Double-hung windows and newer sliding models of crank windows are made to be especially easy to open and close. If you are frustrated by your windows or aren’t able to use them at all, you need window replacement to replace old hardware and window frames or to upgrade to a better model.

You Have Air Leaks

If you feel a draft or notice your energy bill is higher than normal, your windows need some attention. The weatherstripping may need to be reapplied. If that’s the only problem, then you need new weatherstripping, not a whole new window. But if your windows are leaking or are improperly installed, you probably need new windows.

You may also just want to upgrade to a new, more energy-efficient model. Old and single-pane windows can’t perform as newer and double-hung windows can. If there is nothing else wrong with your windows, you could install storm windows to increase the energy efficiency of your current windows.

Your Belongings Are Fading

New, more energy-efficient windows block the sun’s rays and cut down on fading of floors, furniture, and artwork. If you’re noticing that the sun is able to fade items inside your home, this is another indicator that your windows could be much more energy-efficient.

You Are Bothered By Outdoor Noise

New, double-hung windows significantly reduce outdoor noise in your home. Traffic, neighbors playing, dogs, and even airplanes can be much less bothersome with good windows. Outdoor noise is a sign that your windows could be more energy-efficient and can dramatically impact your happiness.

You Don’t Like The Way They Look

Not liking the way windows make your home look is enough reason to replace your windows. You could dramatically change your curb appeal and the atmosphere in your home with new windows.

Your Windows Are Foggy or Wet

A little bit of condensation on a window now and then is pretty normal. You may just want to run a dehumidifier. If you have frequent condensation on your windows or there is fogging between the panes of double-hung windows, your windows need to be replaced. Their seal has been compromised. This greatly reduces their energy efficiency, and moisture building up on your windows can lead to water damage, mold, and pest infestations.

Your Windows Are Damaged

This is the most obvious sign, but it can’t be ignored. If your window is broken or cracked, it needs to be repaired or replaced. One pane can sometimes be repaired in otherwise fine windows. Depending on the style of the window and the extent of the damage, replacement may be necessary.

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