New Entry Doors Makes This Wynnefield Heights Look Sleek!

This office can say goodbye to faulty front doors!

Office entry doors may seem like a small issue, but when they’re not working it can be a huge inconvenience. Scheduling for maintenance can be another ordeal since people use the doors constantly.

A Recent Success

When an office center near City Line Avenue in Wynnefield Heights needed to get their front door fixed ASAP, they called Cypress Door Door & Glass after seeing our work and hearing how flexible we were with scheduling.

Our technicians started working on a holiday when most staff weren’t on-site.

For this project, we installed two sets of matching Record automatic doors. Our client picked a timeless bronze anodized color for the doors so they would stand out beautifully against the walls. 

On day one, our team installed the new exterior doors. We replaced the existing doors with a single slide automatic door next to existing sidelights, which allowed for more light to reach the office. Our clients chose medium stile doors with 1/4″ glazing, a 10″ bottom rail, and horizontal muntin. This popular choice gives the office instant curb appeal! We finished the exterior doors by installing BEA Ixio sensors and an MS door lock.

The next day, we turned our focus to the interior doors. The client picked matching interior doors with transom frames to fill the empty space above the doors. We installed a fail-safe electric lock in the header and a concealed exit device for access control.

At the end of the day, an AAADM technician wired and tested both sets of automatic doors, making sure everything worked perfectly.

When we were done, the office immediately looked sleeker and had fully functioning entrance doors. No more worrying about a faulty front door!

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